99Chart on Expressing One Self thru Art

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 99Chart where shopping is art because 1% of the proceeds from our entire collection of watches and fashion accessories go to art programs and as a community, we become part of this movement of expressing art and love.

99chart celebrates all types of artistic expression it could be singing, writing poetry, books, making an art piece using different technics such as water color, pastels, pencil, computer animation or graphic design even sculpture, performing, art decoration, interior design, industrial design, clothing designing, dancing most of the times cooking a great meal consist of making art, whatever that connects you with your inner self and bring you happiness and connection to the present moment we want you to experience. Here you have a video of Jim Carrey explaining why he feels that expressing art is love, check it out. Painting by Okzi

In the comments tell us, what is your favorite art expression?

Video credits Director/Producer David Bushell 

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