Uncaged Ergonomics BASE+ Balance & Stability Board. Aluminum+Bamboo Wobble Platform Trainer for Active Standing Desk, Home, Office, Rehab, Fitness. Mining Crypto currency

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Brand: Uncaged Ergonomics

Color: Silver


  • PATENTED DESIGN for BETTER FUNCTION: Stand Still | gently rock, tip, twist | aggressively balance, move & surf. BASE+ lets you choose the amount of motion you want & provides a full range of motion.
  • STAND STILL: We engineered the perfect balance board! You don't need to be constantly stressing about maintaining balance or falling over. Relax, stand still and enjoy the freedom to move.
  • ELEGANT CONSTRUCTION: Solid, natural bamboo platform. Durable ALUMINUM base w/ a beautiful honeycomb pattern. Bottom has a convenient handle + non-skid, non-marking rubber coating & corner protectors
  • HOME, REHAB, FITNESS BALANCE BOARD: Have fun standing in the kitchen, watching tv, talking on the phone. An excellent balance & stability trainer for rehabbing injuries & to build strength at any age
  • OFFICE BALANCE BOARD: BASE+ is the perfect standing desk balance board + it makes meetings and phone calls more exciting. Use BASE+ in the office to burn calories and move more during the workday.

Publisher: Uncaged Ergonomics

Warranty: 1 yr


BASE+ – a premium balance & stability board custom-engineered to help you balance, move, and have more fun while standing. It can be used virtually anywhere – at home, in the kitchen, at the office, with your standing desk, for rehab or fitness, and a great way for people (elderly too!) to work on balance and strength.

(A) PATENTED SHAPE: Meticulously engineered to be an effective balance and stability board that’s:
1. RELAXING: You can stand still on BASE+ naturally, without constantly stressing about maintaining your balance.
2. EASY TO USE: Quickly step on or off BASE+ – no assembly, installation, or multiple pieces to organize.
3. SAFE: Stable design has non-skid bottom and top traction mat.
4. FULL RANGE OF MOTION: Most balance boards provide limited left-to-right motion. BASE+ lets you move 360 degrees! Rock side-to-side, tip, twist, or gently move in a complete circle.

(B) PREMIUM MATERIALS. BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED: A solid, natural bamboo top is securely mounted to a durable, aluminum bottom with convenient grab handles for easy portability. A protective non-skid, non-marking rubber coating that securely grips most surfaces. No accessories are needed to safely use BASE+.

A. OFFICE BALANCE BOARD: BASE+ makes meetings & phone calls less torturous – tip, twist, and move to pass the time … or stand still if you need to. It’s the PERFECT companion to your standing desk – helping you move more within the confines of your desk.

B. AT HOME: Have more fun in the kitchen, talking on the phone, watching TV or entertaining.

C. REHAB BALANCE TRAINER: Balance training can help you recover from injuries or surgeries and BASE+'s patented design gives you a unique, controlled range of motion not found anywhere else (to our knowledge).

D. EXERCISE & FITNESS BALANCE BOARD: Whether you’re 20 or a 76 yr old retiree, balance training on BASE+ can boost your fitness

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